The Law Society of Kenya President Nelson Havi on Thursday, November 25, attacked ex-Nasa CEO Norman Magaya with a mauling response to his banter.

It began when Magaya, who is currently serving as the Wiper Party Leader Kalonzo Musyoka's advisor, told Havi to prepare for a humiliating defeat in the Westlands constituency where he said they will face-off for the parliamentary seat.

{LSK Boss Nelson Havi. Image: Courtesy}

"I will defeat you in Westlands. Bank this today," Magaya told Havi.

In a rejoinder, Havi in a seemingly polite but brutal response accepted the challenge and said he will congratulate him if he makes good his threat.

The LSK boss, however, went on to reveal how he catered for his hospital bills and bought him medicine for a whole year.

"I will congratulate you and give you my unwavering support just I dedicatedly paid your hospital bills and bought you medicine for one year. It is not a matter of life and death to me, Omwami," Havi replied.

He added: "Do not make it one for yourself. Siasa usiweke kwa kifua. Utapata heart attack".

Havi sparked mixed responses among Kenyans with some saying he had given the former Nasa CEO a dose of his medicine.

"Next time respect a guy who paid your hospital bills and paid for your medicine for one year. Respect please," Henry Daniel said.

"Nelson is just reminding him that, this is not life and death competition having done wema to him. He’s just jogging his memory there’s a good side and that asiwe na hasira," Zein Ali added.

Another section of Kenyans however felt that the LSK boss went overboard with his response.

"A matter of helping need not be put to kumbukumbu za torati. Tenda wema, nenda zako," Frankline Nyatemu said.

Mumbi wa Mbu queried: "Omwami @NelsonHavi since you paid for his medical bills should you keep reminding him just because he has decided to challenge you on the ballot?"

Omollo on the other hand added: "He did not make it a netter if life and death, he just said he will defeat you on the other hand you git personal by airing out details about paying his hospital bills. Never do anything for someone if you know you will be throwing it in their faces at any opportunity".