Reports have emerged as to why lawyer Paul Gicheru chose to surrender to the International Criminal Court (ICC). 

According to a local daily, lawyer, Dr. John Khaminwa revealed that Gicheru's wife gave reasons as to why the lawyer surrendered to authorities.

Khaminwa contacted Gicheru’s wife seeking to understand why he took a drastic decision of leaving Kenya for the Netherlands.

Her response was that they sat as a family, weighed the issue, and decided it was time Gicheru faced his accusers.

“I have talked to Gicheru’s wife and she has told me that they looked at the issue and felt that they had no other option but for him to surrender.

She also informed me that his first appearance will be without a lawyer,” Khaminwa said.

Khaminwa, however, says that he has a moral duty to let the ICC know that Gicheru is ailing.

In his letter to ICC Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda, Khaminwa says he still believes that the ICC denied Kenya a chance to investigate Gicheru, Philip Bett, and journalist Walter Barasa and try them in local courts.

On Sunday, Gicheru surrendered to the International Criminal Court over five years after an arrest warrant was issued against him.

Gicheru is suspected of corruptly influencing ICC witnesses. In a statement, the ICC said it has submitted a cooperation request to the Dutch authorities for the arrest and surrender of Gicheru to the court.