Narc-Kenya Party leader Martha Karua has claimed that the ruling Jubilee Party is weak and on the brink of death.

Speaking on Tuesday during the funeral service of Mary Muriithi at Kang'aru Primary School in Kirinyaga, Karua urged Jubilee supporters to ditch the outfit and support her party.

“Very soon Jubilee will be no more and I urge its supporters to cross over to my side… Jubilee is dying and in 2022 it will be no more. Its supporters are grieving and they should not waste more time there,” she said as quoted by Nation.

Karua urges Kenyans to reject BBI

She urged Kenyans to oppose the BBI Constitutional Amendment push, arguing that it is not good for the country.

According to Karua, BBI is centered on politicians’ interest as compared to those of Kenyans.

Karua noted that she has tremendous respect for the Head of State, but does not believe that the report is good to Kenyans, thus her stand to reject it.

“This document is the worst as it will be used to rig in some politicians to take up top positions and it should be rejected… I have read the document and found that it is not good for the country… This document is poison to Kenyans and it should not be entertained,” she said.