The Mombasa-Nairobi pipeline experienced a leak leading to the loss of an unknown quantity of fuel.

In a video shared on social media platforms, the product was seen gushing in the air as police moved in to disperse crowds that wanted to lay their hands on the fuel.

Kenya Pipeline Corporation Managing Director Irungu Macharia Wednesday said the leak on the old line from Mombasa.

He confirmed that a problem was detected on Monday near Mariakani had been resolved and product flow restored.


“We noticed decreased pressure on the line and rushed to the scene where we closed the valve to create product backflow to Mombasa," Mr Macharia stated.

"The incident was not due to any intrusion and we have since rectified it and restored transport. It did not affect diesel and petrol which we transport using the new line,” he added.

The pipeline known as line 1 has been prone to leakages along the area, leading to the construction of the Ksh48 billion-line parallel to it as a replacement.

The old line transports dual purpose kerosene combining Jet-A1 and paraffin.  

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