Former Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko has spoken after the Court Appeal's ruling on a case challenging his impeachment.

According to Sonko, he will continue to move on with life after politics because God has better plans for him.

"It is well. Alluta continua as I continue to move on with the life after politics life for God has better plans for me, to give me hope and a future," he tweeted.

His words came after the Appellate Court said he was properly impeached.

A three-judge bench consisting of Judges Nambuye, Okwengu and Laibuta ruled that Sonko’s impeachment was lawful and procedurally fair and that both the County Assembly and the Senate are not at fault.

“Accordingly, we reach the inescapable conclusion that the charges levelled against Hon Sonko were substantiated and proved to the required standard and that the County Assembly and the Senate could not be faulted for impeaching him,” read part of the ruling.

The three judges concluded that there was sufficient proof with regard to the charge that Sonko acted in violation of the Constitution as Nairobi Governor, which warranted his removal from office.

Sonko was impeached in December 2020.

He was later replaced by Ann Kananu whom he had nominated as his Deputy Governor.