Various leaders across the political divide have joined other Kenyans in questioning the move by the state to put planes owned by the National Police Service and a number of parastatals under the military.

The move was announced just a few days after the Kenya Meat Commission (KMC) was transferred to the Kenya Defence Forces attracting weighty cricism from the public.

Former Senate Majority Leader Kipchumba Murkomen, seemingly cheapening the debate as a way of belittling the move by the state said soon influential persons could lose their social media to the KDF.

"I hear from reliable sources that the twitter account of my friend Ahmedasir Abdulahi has been transferred to the Ministry of Defence," stated Murkomen in an outright ridicule of the state.

A number of tweeps who were not in agreement with Murkomen dismissed his assertion saying his remarks were in bad taste. 

"This is not right. This joke is in bad taste senator. Ministry of defence is a security installation that represents our sovereign power as a free nation. You may disagree with government policies but do so respectfully by showing respect to our national offices," wrote Otieno Gregory.

Narok Senator likened the move to a series of events in the country wondering why President Kenyatta had not done much on the looming dissolution of parliament but had sought to expand the military grip on the state.

"Welcome to Kenya where my friendNelson Havi mr presidente has given himself powers to interpret the constitution and allocate time for the dissolution of parliament and direct treasury to stop MPs salaries. Meanwhile the real president is converting kenya into a military state," wrote Ledama.

He had earlier raised fears that the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) may soon be put under the military urging Kenyans to ready for more military control.