Kirinyaga County Woman Representative has for the past one week, kept her social fans yawning after announcing that she would make a major announcement on Saturday, May 14, (today)

Through her social media pages, the county's gubernatorial aspirant on an independent ticket kept the count down to Saturday, leaving her fans speculating on what the former Ruto allied legislator is planning for them ahead of August 9, general polls.

"One day to the earthquake," posted Wangu on Friday on her Facebook page.

This followed a series of earlier posts that she had made urging her followers to expect a major earthquake coming on Saturday.

However, the gubernatorial aspirant is yet to brief her followers on the venue where she will be making her much-awaited announcement from.

"Earth-shaking announcement this Saturday. Venue and time to be communicated promptly. Kirinyaga must SMILE for the first time into (s)Miles of prosperity. Turmoil, Earthquake, Turbulence, Independent, SMAIRO NÎ TIKI, Kirinyaga Kwanza" read her post on Monday.

Coming on a similar day Deputy President William Ruto and his Kenya Kwanza Alliance team are expected to announce and unveil their running mate, Ngirici's announcement has attracted more speculations and curiosity on whether it is related to the Kenya Kwanza activities.

While some are expecting just a normal announcement from within her Independent circles, others have read more into it, claiming that Ruto could be going for the incumbent Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru as his running mate, creating room for Ngirici to consider going back to UDA and running on the party's ticket.

Such reactions and speculations were further motivated by Ngirici's choice to accompany the post with her photo clad in UDA associate (yellow) colours.

However, all these remain speculations and are set to be approved or disapproved by Ngirici when the time comes. Here are some of the reactions from Facebook;

"Waiguru will be Ruto's Running mate, #Ngirici to be the UDA candidate for Kirinyaga gubernatorial race. That's the announcement" said one user Joseph Munguti

"Yellow, Black UDA. KK. Welcome back Dada. We missed you" added another one Noniot Cherono

"Karibu nyumbani, we will be on flat grounds to avoid the effects of the shakes" replied Philemon Bett