A police officer is set to be charged in court after destroying a BBI signature collection booklet. 

The officer identified as Peter Langat is accused of tearing the document and threw into a nearby stream in Bomet east.

Area sub-county police commander Francis Gikeri confirmed the incident stating that the issue was reported by an assistant chief.

Reports indicate that the officer was visibly drunk when he pretended he wants to append his signature only to destroy the document.

The officer allegedly plucked off two pages containing names and signatures before throwing the whole booklet away.

“The administrator, however, retrieved the booklet which was already soaked in water and brought to the station where he reported the matter…we immediately sent officers to his home where they managed to arrest him,” said Gikeri. 

Following the incident, Gikeri pointed out that the exercise has been suspended in the area.

He added that they intend to prefer charges of malicious damage of government property, obstructing the chief from performing his duties, and even drunk and disorderly against the suspect.

The administrator took the opportunity to warn Kenyans against obstructing the BBI signature collection process. 

“We want to warn the residents against interfering with the ongoing process being carried out by the public servants in their areas…when you dislike the process, just leave the administrators to do their work,” he said.