Impeached Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko is now seeking the help of Director of Criminal Investigation George Kinoti in a row with MCA and Nairobi Metropolitan Services.

In a letter to the DCI, Sonko alleged that 20 MCAs serving in the Budget and Appropriations Committee were allegedly bribed over Ksh 800,000 for a trip to Dubai. 

According to Sonko, the funds were an alleged bribe to convince them to push him to consent to the contested Ksh 37.5 million budget, which had awarded NMS Ksh 27.1 billion and Ksh 8.4 billion counties. 

However, Sonko has failed to approve the budget.

"Payments from the exchequer were made to the respective bank accounts of the intended participants to facilitate their travel, as demonstrated in the copies of attached documents herein. 

"The Chairman of the Budget and Appropriations Committee, Robert Mbatia and his vice-chairman Michael Ogada alongside other members, never traveled despite being facilitated with public funds," Sonko wrote. 

Sonko's team alleges that the money was wired to the members on October 23. They were to leave for Dubai on October 27 and return on November 1, a few days before Sonko took several MCAs to Mombasa for a holiday vacation. 

Chairman Mbatia confirmed that he received the Money but ordered his back to refund it. 

"Money was put in my account on October 23. It was Sh 823,324. But on realizing the same, I instructed my bank to send back the Money to its source, and it was deducted on the same day.  

Sonko's failure to ascend to the budget largely contributed to his last week's impeachment. 

The impeachment was allegedly engineered by President Uhuru Kenyatta since Sonko's failure to approve the budget has led to the crippling of NMS services.