There was drama after three police officers were arrested on Tuesday by their colleagues for releasing suspects arrested for violating COVID-19 regulations. The incident occurred in Karen, Nairobi County.

The arrested police officers have been identified as Samuel Shitanda of Service Number 63352, Godfrey Mbogo of Service Number 107972, and Isaac Hassan of Service Number 105699.

They were apprehended after releasing suspects they were taking to Hardy Police station.

The three officers, who were being led by one Benjamin Okoth, were conducting patrol on Lang’ata Road on Monday midnight when they noticed that one bar known as Redbrick was operating past operating hours.

The officers raided the facility, arrested several revelers, and bundled them into a waiting police van.

Reports indicate that Shitanda, Mbogo, and Hassan were left to watch after the suspects as their colleagues went to Tamasha Bar and Restaurant, which was still open, to effect more arrests.

The three cops, however, decided to release the suspects.

After a fierce verbal exchange between the officers, Shitanda, Mbogo, and Hassan was handcuffed and taken to Hardy Police Station, where they were booked with the offense of negligence.

The trio will be arraigned once investigations are complete.