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Winnie Odinga appeared to be urging Nyamiu to hold on to her stance.

Winnie Odinga has joined the trail of Kenyans reacting to the drama pitting Mugithi musician Samidoh, his wife Edday Nderitu, and politician Karen Nyamu.

The trio is currently the talk of the town after they pulled a drama in Dubai, where the musician was performing in a concert.

The drama ensued after the nominated senator sought the company of Samidoh who was with his wife.

It took the intervention of the stewards who dragged the politician away the singer and his wife headed in a different direction.

Defending herself, Nyamu declared that she would not be leaving the singer despite the backlash from Kenyan netizens.

She cited the children she has sired with Samidoh.

"I'm not leaving him (Samidoh). We must take care of the children. I can only quit alcohol," she said.

Reacting to the above, Winnie appeared to be siding with the politician.

Through a tweet, the daughter of Azimio leader Raila Odinga seemed to be firing Nyamu to stand her ground.

Winnie Odinga. Photo: Twitter.

"Hapo sawa! Throw balls not drama," said Winnie.

The show had been smooth with revelers enjoying every bit of it before Nyamu instigated the drama.

Video seen by Nairobi Leo shows her walking into the club proceeding straight to where Samidoh was and sat on his lap.

Edday was at the time sitting close to Samidoh. The move sparked a confrontation as Nyamu and Samidoh are seen in the video exchanging words.

Edday is seen rising to the occasion and attempting to pull Nyamu away.

Edday had earlier shared an image of her with her husband in Dubai and captioned it:

"Ending the year on a high note with family and friends. Dubai lazima mugithi ishike.”

Nyamu also shared an image of herself in Dubai.

Samidoh was performing with other Mugiithi artists among them Joyce Wa Mama, Karangu Wa Muraya, DJ Dbul.