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The former Nyeri MP has spoken about Azimio's loss in the August presidential polls.

Former Nyeri Town MP Njunjiri Wambugu has claimed that the Azimio One Kenya coalition party overestimated itself in the last elections, making its presidential candidate Raila Odinga lose.

In a video uploaded to his YouTube channel on Monday, December 19, Wambugu further maintained that Raila's side underestimated President William Ruto.

The former legislator said that Ruto pushed further during the campaign period, and he showed hunger for the seat towards the end, something that did not happen with Raila.

"If you were to summarise it (Raila loss) into one sentence, we completely overestimated ourselves and we completely underestimated Ruto and his capacity to run the campaign. You see that towards the end. How much further he was willing to go. I guess he was hungrier for this thing than we were," Wambugu stated.

Raila Odinga.

He further claimed that there was a lot of complacency in a sitting government not losing an election, which made Azimio relax.

Wambugu said that Azimio did not learn the lesson in subsequent losses in by-elections before the general election, which made Kenya Kwanza take advantage.

The former MP also said that there was a lot of failure in the former Prime Minister's strongholds in terms of turnout on the voting day.

"Look at the kind of turnout that Nyanza had. We could have expected to get to 75 percent or 80 percent. When Uhuru was running both times, Mt. Kenya had close to 90 percent turnout. Had that kind of turnout happened in Nyanza and Western, I don't know what kind of results we could have had," he added.