Editor's Review

Junior Secondary Schools are scheduled to open on January 30. 

The Ministry of Education has directed all Primary schools to be renamed in the latest guidelines.

Comprehensive schools (those with both primary and junior secondary) shall adopt the name of the primary school in which they are domiciled except in special circumstances.

For instance, a school currently called Jibambe Primary School will be renamed to Jibambe School (Primary and JSS).

The Primary school and junior secondary schools will however have separate bank accounts.

“For the purpose of the Bank accounts, the Primary School and Junior Secondary Schools shall have separate Bank Accounts,” the ministry directed.

File image of CS Ezekiel Machogu

The Junior Secondary schools will also have different uniforms from those of Primary School students.

The JSS leadership has been tasked with determining the colour of the uniforms including branding and unique feature identification.

“The JSS leadership shall determine the uniform for their schools in consultation with their respective stakeholders and the SCDE. This includes additional unique features for identification and branding of their institutions,” the ministry says.

The Ministry however warned head teachers against directing parents on where to buy the school uniforms.

“Uniform shall be the responsibility of parents and no school shall direct parents where to purchase the uniform,” the ministry stated.

It added, “The JSS uniform shall be sensitive to the cultural and religious values of the respective communities.”