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"We can no longer afford to be reckless or populist," President Ruto. 

President William Ruto now says that Kenya’s economy is on the path to recovery. 

According to the Head of State, his core assignment for the last year has been fixing the economy. 

“The economy was fragmented. It was in bad shape as debts choked the country. It needed [urgent] resuscitation. 

“That is why I am not making populist moves; I am not ready to be cheered for pulling unsustainable moves that will hurt the people," remarked the President. 

File Image of President William Ruto. 

He regretted that Kenya’s economic growth has lagged because of leaders being short-term in their approaches to issues.

“We are moving away from our plans and policies being defined by elections. We must work for Kenyans so that our country can be better for all," the Head of State affirmed. 

The President was speaking on Sunday in Sotik during an interdenominational prayer service.

He noted that it was time politicians worked together, beyond the confines of their parties, to transform Kenya.

“We cannot continue to be driven by future elections. It should be about the next generation,'' Ruto stated. 

The President told the congregation that his tours of the globe have started yielding results with investors streaming into the country.

“We have been clear in our decisions that will take Kenya forward. We can no longer afford to be reckless or populist," he said.