Editor's Review

The growing rift within the Jubilee Party once again played out on Tuesday during the burial service of the late mother to Thika Town MP Patrick Kimani Wainaina.

This is after Deputy President Wiliam Ruto and agriculture CS Peter Munya clashed over President Uhuru Kenyatta's role. 

In his speech, the rift began when Ruto called on Mount Kenya leaders to stop derailing President Kenyatta with regional political issues. 

According to Ruto, Uhuru is the President of the whole country, further claiming that he had campaigned for the Head of State more than any other leader.

"The President is a leader of the whole country. I beg you, as citizens and leaders of Mt Kenya, do not take the President away from us. If you say, the President is the leader of Mt Kenya, who will be the President of the rest of the country. We voted for him, and we love him," Ruto said. 

Interestingly, Munya answered the DP directly while reading the speech on behalf of President Uhuru. While Munya was standing to read the address, he was met with heckling that was quickly suppressed.

"We have never claimed the President serves Mt Kenya Region alone. The President is the leader of the whole country. Just the way he carries development projects across the country, he also develops Mt Kenya region" Munya said. 

During Munya's speech, some mourners walked out questioning why he was reading President Uhuru's condolence message yet Ruto was present. The CS was forced to go off script and called out the mourners. 

"This is a very solemn ceremony. If you respect others, you will also be respected. If you humble yourself, you will be exalted. With a lot of respect to everybody here, including the DP, this is a very solemn occasion where we are giving the last respects to one of our friends. I was sent by the President who has a right to choose who he assigns whatever functions he wishes," stated Munya.

The development came after the Jubilee Party continued its purge on rebel members allied to Ruto.