Editor's Review

  • Narc Kenya Party leader Martha Karua has claimed that Kenyans might not go to the polls in 2022.
  • She opined that the president will be handpicked by a select few.

Narc Kenya Party leader Martha Karua has claimed that Kenyans might not go to the polls in 2022 with the current political climate.

She claimed that President Uhuru Kenyatta is not planning on going home after his tenure is over and he will succeed himself.

"If we stand by, we will not have elections as we know it in 2022. We will have those in power - the President and his cronies - select for us or have the administration succeed itself," Karua said.

"Those pushing the BBI project are less than 4,000. This includes all the elected leaders in the counties and national level and all civil servants at the county and national levels. While Kenyan voters are over 20 million waiting to get informed so that they can make a decision.

Election violence

She condemned last week's by-election violence that was witnessed during voting in different areas in the country.

According to Karua, the state of elections in Kenya is in jeopardy if self-appointed regional kingpins will be allowed to act as the mouthpieces of Kenyans.

"The state has sponsored a narrative that regional kingpins are the order of the day. We saw violence [during the March 4 byelections] and this violence, we believe, was deliberate and aimed at achieving an outcome which reinforces regional kingship.

"Regional kingship is being confined to the big 5 tribes in Kenya, who account for 65% of the population, we have the other 38 tribes forming 35%. Should the big 5 perpetuate themselves at the expense of the other tribes? No! It would mean that 'big boys' - and I'll deliberately call them 'boys' because this looks like a boys' initiative - from the 5 tribes will eat from the other tribes while others watch helpless," the Narc Kenya leader said.