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HELB is proposing to issue laptop loans to first-year students in all higher learning institutions in the country.

The Higher Education Loans Board is seeking to have first-year students in all higher learning institutions receive loans to buy laptops.

HELB Chief Executive Officer Charles Ringera opined that the move would bridge the gap of inequality among students as evidenced by the introduction of e-learning.

He argued that learners from poor families face a challenge when it comes to e-learning.

File image of HELB Chief Executive Officer Charles Ringera. |Photo| Courtesy|

Ringera made the sentiments while attending the board's 2021 universities consultative forum in Mombasa.

He reiterated that learners from poor families should receive help to access e-learning.

"All learners must have laptops if they have to succeed in their quest for higher education," Ringera stated.

He added that it was a necessity especially during this period when tutors had retreated to virtual lessons due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The laptop loans will be repaid upon successful employment like the other HELB loans.

Ministry of Education Principal Secretary Simon Nabukwesi informed that the government was intent on transforming the education system thus introducing new curricula, advanced training programmes and skills to help the youth hack life.

He stated that Kenya was moving to raise its education system to international standards relevant to modern technology.

"We are committed to building a sound partnership for and with youths who are already in the business of changing the world," Nabukwesi stated.

He reiterated that the Education system must embrace e-learning.

"While we are all aware that the Covid-19 vaccine is in the country, we should appreciate the fact that online learning in our universities will remain relevant and is the next frontier when it comes to learning," he added.

The HELB forum held in Mombasa yesterday was themed, "Leading and Succeeding in Student Financing".