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  • MP Moses Kuria showed up in Parliament with Ksh100,000 after he sensationally claimed to have been bribed in 2020 to vote out MP Aden Duale.

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria shocked Parliament after he whipped out Ksh100 that he claimed was used to bribe him.

His actions warranted a lecture from Speaker Justin Muturi who condemned Kuria for contravening the standing orders of the House.

"How can an honourable member be coming here carrying a ward of notes? Surely honourable Moses Kuria what is this now?... You said I made certain remarks about you and I still insist you need to spend more time here in the chamber and read through the standing orders," Speaker Muturi advised Kuria.

MP Kuria's actions come after he admitted to receiving an Sh100,000 bribe to vote in a particular manner during a past Parliamentary session.

Speaking during an interview on Thursday, Kuria noted that MPs are usually bribed to vote a certain way especially when the government has an interest in the particular issue at hand.

He claimed in June 2020, he received Sh100,000 to vote for Kipipiri MP Amos Kimunya as the new Majority Leader in parliament; a position that was previously held by Garissa Town MP Aden Duale.

“It is not uncommon in Kenya for Members of Parliament to be paid or compensated to vote in a particular way, especially when the government has an interest in a matter…When the new Majority Leader was appointed because they were not elected, we went to the majority leader’s office and received a USD 1000 gift,” he said.

Following the confession, Kuria was put to task to explain why he accepted the bribe, despite knowing that it is illegal.

The vocal MP did not give a straight answer but offered to refund the amount paid to him.

“I’ll be refunding the most recent that I can recall to the office of the leader of the majority,” he divulged.

As to whether he has any evidence to support his claims, Kuria noted that the issue is very sensitive and as such, it does not happen in the glare of cameras.

“These things don’t happen on camera, and I don’t expect them to admit it, but they do happen in the majority leader’s office,” he explained.

Recently, Kuria sensationally claimed the MPs were bribed Sh100,000 each to vote for the BBI Bill.