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At a rally in Bukhungu, Raila said that Malala has his origin from the Luo nation and named him Omondi.

Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malala has responded to ODM leader Raila Odinga's claims that he is a Luo.

Speaking at a function in Kakamega on Monday, Malala first denied being a Luo.

"If you look at me the way I appear, do I look like an Omondi?" he posed.

He went on to say that he has accepted the name Omondi, which the ODM leader gave him during a rally in Bukhungu Stadium, saying he is a national leader and therefore he enjoys being associated with all tribes.

{Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malala. Image: Courtesy}

According to Malala, Raila's statement is an endorsement that when he vies for the presidency, the Luo nation will rally behind him as one of their own.

He said the endorsement will form part of many others he will receive across the country which will in the end result in him becoming a President before Raila.

"Because I a National leader, I will accept all name: If I go to Central they will name me Kinyanjui,  Eastern they ill name me Musyoka... I will accept all names.

"I have accepted the name Omondi that was given to me by Raila Odinga. These names you are giving me will make me the President of Kenya before you become one," he stated.

At a rally in Bukhungu, Raila insinuated that Malala has his origin from the Luo nation. 

He claimed that his grandfather was buried there and went on to call him Omondi.

The statement came at a time when opponents of Malala are accusing him of being a Luo, a strategy they using to deny him Luhya votes.