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The businessman confirmed the CID officers raided his offices around 9:30 pam and demand to have him.

Businessman Jimi Wanjigi has broken his silence on the events that unfolded at his Westlands office on Monday evening.

The businessman confirmed the CID officers raided his offices around 9:30 pam and demand to have him.

Wanjigi says the officers declined to state what exactly they wanted from him but they instead demanded that he comes out and go with them for interrogation

"They surrounded the compound. They dressed like how they used to dress when there is massive Covid. They were telling my two lawyers that they want me to go to CID to write a statement," he said.

{Armed officers raid Jimi Wanjigi offices: Image: Courtesy}

The businessman has linked his woes to the political remarks he made over the weekend regarding some leaders in the country.

He revealed that he was having his campaign meetings at his Kwacha Group of Companies offices in Westlands when the raid occurred.

The office is located off General Matehenge road in Parklands.

"I tend to think it has to do with what I said in the weekend where I was very clear about some personalities and it seems I was making some of my friends uncomfortable because one will wonder why they would use this sort of force when I have not committed any crime," he said.

He condemned the raid and said the Constitution stipulates clear guidelines for law enforcement officers to follow when in pursuit of a suspect.

"It is unfortunate that at this time and age when we have a solid constitution that guarantees our rights and then you are seeing impunity of the highest level. We don't think this is the way to come for me," he stated.

He added that he won't be cowed or intimidated by the raid saying his pursuit for the top seat is on course.

Wanjigi said he will continue speaking on what he believes in as long as he does not violate the law.

"They are trying to intimidate me and unfortunately, I am not that kind of a person. I speak nothing but the truth, and there is nothing wrong with doing that. We shall continue doing so," he said.

According to the Businessman, the raid is similar to that of 2017 when armed men attempted to get access to him at his Muthaiga home.

"Why are they so uncomfortable with my candidature, this is the same case that happened in 2017. The last three-four years it has been quiet, when there is politics it comes again. Or what is it?" he posed.