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Dennis Karani Gachoki, the prime suspect in the fatal shooting of Samuel Mugoh Muvota,  surrendered to police on Monday. 

Dennis Karani Gachoki, the prime suspect in the fatal shooting of Samuel Mugoh Muvota,  surrendered to police on Monday, May 23. 

Speaking on Monday after his surrender, Karani claimed that he was innocent and was being framed.

"Hio ripoti ilinifikia nikiwa mahali kwa restaurant na ata ni rafiki tulikua na yeye akakuja akanionyesha kwa simu trending news. Nilishtuka sana juu hakuna venye niko connected na mambo kama hiyo.   

"Muvota mwenyeye hatujai communicate ama tukafanya any business na yeye anything like that. Nilijua Muvota mwaka wa 2018 kwa harusi tukiwa Meru na kutoka hapo tulionanan na yeye last year March hapo Kenyatta road. Kutoka hapo hatujai communicate. I'm wondering how I'm connected to the murder," the suspect said. 

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{File image of Samuel Mugoh Muvota - Man Killed at Mirema drive.}

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Pressed by journalists on why DCI picked him, Karani claimed that he was equally shocked. 

DCI had listed Gachoki as the prime suspect labelling him as a dangerous man.

They said efforts by detectives to arrest him have been futile as he has been influencing rogue officers to tip him off once an operation for his arrest is launched.

The detectives based at DCI’s Communication unit claimed that Gachoki had recently fallen out with Muvota, his boss, over sharing of proceeds stolen from victims whose drinks had been spiked.

This, and fights over women they had enlisted to the illicit trade, are among other reasons suspected to have led to a bitter fallout leading to Monday’s daylight fatal shooting of Muvota.