Editor's Review

The President has made a move on digital crimes.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has promised to take action against the new wave of digital crimes that include the famous ‘tuma kwa hii namba’ and SIM swap.

Speaking during the launch of the DCI National Forensic Laboratory on Monday, June 13, the President said that the digital crimes will be dealt with properly.

“As we aspire for a Kenya where every citizen, enterprise and organization has digital access and the capacity to participate and thrive in the digital economy, a new wave of crime is equally emerging that involves SIM swapping and the typical ‘tuma kwa hii namba’ syndicate all of which we must deal with properly,” President Kenyatta stated.

{President Kenyatta at the DCI headquarters.}

The Head of State directed the Ministry of Interior jointly with the Ministry of ICT to come up with ways of strengthening the capacity of the cybercrime unit using the newly opened forensic laboratory.

“I do direct the Ministry of Interior jointly with the Ministry of ICT through the Communications of Kenya Universal Service Fund to come up and to inform me within the next two weeks of how they can further strengthen the capacity of the cybercrime unit with this laboratory that we have just seen here,” the President stated.

President Kenyatta further directed the National Police Service (NPS) to introduce mandatory and continuous professional development programmes on cyber security for all officers attached to criminal investigations.