Editor's Review

Sakaja and the IEBC have been informed of the revocation.

The Commission for University Education (CUE) has once again revoked Nairobi senator Johnson Sakaja's degree from a Ugandan university.

In a letter to IEBC, CUE said by the conclusion of investigations into the authenticity of the degree issued by Team University in Uganda, the governor aspirant had not submitted any proof.

CUE also said Team university failed to provide them with evidence that he was their student and that he obtained a degree from the university.

"Based on these findings and in compliance with the ongoing provisions of sections of The Universities Act, 2012, Party XI of The Universities Regulations 2014, The Universities Standards and Guidelines, 2014, and the Standards for recognition and Equation of qualifications and granted the disclaimer in the certificate of recognition issued, the Commission has come to the m inescapable decision to that the purported degree certificate of Bachelor of Science in Management (External) is ineligible for recognition," the letter states.

CUE has faulted Sakaja for failing to service them with evidence to prove the legitimacy of his degree.

{Nairobi senator Johnson Sakaja}

The commission said it was difficult for them to ascertain its genuineness without proper documents to support claims Sakaja that he studied at Team University.

“Failure to submit even the most basic evidence of study and the process of earning a degree inevitably renders the degree certificate submitted insufficient to prove that Sakaja studied either physically or through distance learning and that he holds an academic degree.”

This decision has been communicated to Sakaja Johnson Arthur and he has the right to appeal.

"The Commission hereby notifies you that recognition of the qualification of the purported Bachelor of Science in Management (External) degree from Team University, issued to one Sakaja Johnson Arthur, which was presented to your good office in compliance to the provisions of section 22(2) of the Elections Act and Regulation 47 of the Election (General) Regulations, 2012 is revoked," the letter added.