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Sources said the driver of the tanker lost control, overturning at Kamandura area near Limuru.

Police took control of the situation at Kamandura near Limuru where a tanker ferrying fuel overturned. 

Sources said the tanker veered off the road after its driver lost control.

Locals were spotted with jerrycans ready to siphon fuel. 

Their efforts were however thwarted by the officers who responded on time.

The officers warned them of risking their lives by rushing to loot from the tanker.

Traffic police officers at a Kenyan road. PHOTO: TWITTER.

The accident occasioned a traffic snarl-up on the Nairobi-Nakuru highway as fog and light rains characterized the scene.

Other motorists were cautioned about the state of the road following the Sunday morning accident.

The driver was rescued from the vehicle as the scene became under the control of the police.