Editor's Review

A vote re-count exercise on Wednesday, August 31, revealed a blunder in Form 34As from a polling station in Mombasa County.

After the Supreme Court on Tuesday, August 30, ordered a recount of votes from 15 polling stations, Form 34As from a polling station in Mombasa County were discovered to be blank for results.

In a re-count exercise at Forodha House in Nairobi on Wednesday, the forms from Majengo, Mvita Constituency was found to be blank for results despite being tallied by IEBC.

In the results in the IEBC portal from the polling station, Azimio presidential candidate Raila Odinga had 139 votes while his UDA counterpart William Ruto received 83 votes in the first Form 34A.

The second Form 34A from the same polling station showed Raila with 128 votes, Ruto with 96 while George Wajackoyah and David Mwaure had two votes and one vote respectively.

Deputy Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu and Chief Justice Martha Koome.

The forms had been signed by both Azimio and UDA agents but upon scrutiny on Wednesday, they were found to be blank.

The re-count came after 24 ballot Boxes from Mombasa polling stations arrived at the Supreme Court of Kenya on Wednesday morning, August 31 for scrutiny of votes.

Among the polling stations that the Supreme Court ordered for a recount on Tuesday are Nandi Hills and Sinendeti Primary School in Nandi, Belgut, Kapsuser, and Chepkutum Primary Schools in Kericho County; Jomvi, Mikindani and Ministry of Water Tanks Polling Stations in Mombasa County; Mvita, Majengo and Mvita Primary Schools in Mombasa County; Tinderet CONMO, in Nandi County; Jarok, Gathanji and Kiheo Primary School Polling in Nyandarua County.

The re-count exercise was slated to end Thursday 2 pm so that a report on the same can be filed at the Supreme Court of Kenya.