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He said some teachers tell parents that chickens are required for CBC practical yet in the real sense that is not the case.

Kimilili MP Didmus Barasa has accused Kenyan teachers of using Competency Based Curriculum to rob parents of their chickens.

Speaking at a burial ceremony in Bungoma County on Thursday, the MP sustained onslaught against the CBC curriculum saying it is a burden to Kenyan parents.

It is then that he claimed teachers have been exploiting the system to grab chickens from parents for their selfish gains.

"Walimu wamekula kuku mpaka imeisha kwa maboma ya watu. Hiyo CBC tunataka iondolewe kabisa," Barasa said.

Kenyan students doing a CBC practical. PHOTO | COURTESY

He claimed that the teachers were demanding the chicken in the guise of using them as a specimen for practical only to end going with whole bird home to serve as their meal.

The CBC has been the borne of contention in the recent months with stakeholders divided on what it offers for the Kenya children.

While some has hailed the system as good, some have called for its abolishment saying it is a burden to the Kenyan parents, especially the poor in rural areas.

Barasa is one of the many Kenya Kwanza MPs including Kakamega senator Boni Khalwale who have openly said they will champion for its removal.

President William Ruto has pledged to form a taskforce which will assess the curriculum and come up with recommendations that will shape the position his government will take.