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"Those who’ve been attacking Winnie Odinga should cease and desist. She’s a young woman in politics," Prof. Makau Mutua.

Azimio leader Raila Odinga's lawyer, Silas Chepkeres Jakakimba, has differed with Azimio spokesperson Prof. Makau Mutua over a tweet about Winnie Odinga. 

Prof. Mutua on Wednesday, October 19, took to Twitter to urge Kenyans to desist from attacking the former Prime Minister's daughter.

He claimed that Winnie was a young politician who needed to be supported and nurtured adding that she had talent.

"Those who’ve been attacking Winnie Odinga should cease and desist. She’s a young woman in politics. A man in her shoes wouldn’t be so pilloried. Winnie got talent, but advice and mentorship will be key. Let’s support our young, not “eat” them," Mutua tweeted.

Prof. Makau Mutua with Raila Odinga and Martha Karua.

However, the law professor's sentiments did not go well with Jakakimba, who quickly reacted to the tweet by the Azimio spokesperson.

Jakakimba said that it was not necessary for Mutua to portray Winnie in that manner maintaining that he was doing the same harm to her in regards to attacks from netizens.

"Prof. I'm not very sure if this tweet is even necessary coming from your handle: it goes to put Winnie in the same space you are trying to decry. You'd have let this slide as it already did," Jakakimba replied.

This comes after Winnie got back to Twitter after over a month of missing in action as her account could not be found.

"Back on Twitter after some time and my mentions are in shambles. I see you've been talking. Just be knowing there's a whole different system between an election campaign and an election day. If I was handling the latter I'd be tweeting this from wedding venue!" Winnie tweeted on October 16.