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Mithika Linturi said he expects to get Sh1 billion in the next one year.

Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Nominee Mithika Linturi has said he is valued at Sh1.2 billion. 

While appearing before the parliamentary committee on the appointment, Linturi divulged that the amount is an accumulation of properties he owns and shares in various companies.

"My financial net worth which includes investments in various companies and Saccos adds to the tune of 1.2 billion. I have listed the immovable assets that I own including developed properties, vehicles available for personal use, amount of shares I own in Saccos including the parliamentary Sacco. I have lost listed my directorship in various companies where I am one of the largest shareholders. All these total to the tune of Sh1,2 billion," Linturi said.

Mithika Linturi

He said his current sources of income include rental income, businesses and dairy farming.

Linturi further said he expects to get approximately Sh1 billion in the next one year as money owed.

He said the EACC owes him money for wrongful prosecution.

As of Wednesday, 15 CS nominees had been vetted.

Among those vetted is Prime Cabinet Secretary nominee Musalia Mudavadi.

He is so far the wealthiest CS nominee with a net worth of about Sh4 billion.

The least so far is Lands, Housing, and Urban Development CS nominee Zacharia Njeru whose net worth is Sh80 million.