CNN International Correspondent Larry Madowo has announced that he is taking a break, to take care of his ailing grandmother.

In a statement, Madowo said that talking about his grandmother's battle with the Covid-19 disease has been draining and its time takes a break to care for her.

He called on his followers to pray for the grandmother.

"It’s been emotionally draining for me to talk about this story in such personal terms. I’m now pulling back to look after myself and care for my family. Please say a prayer for my grandma," wrote Madowo on Twitter.

His words come a few days after he revealed how had lost relatives to Covid-19 including his uncle because of lack of the vaccines.

Madowo said that she had been on a ventilator for 4 weeks and each time he receives a call from home, he fears it could be the worst.

“I always fear that they're ringing to say that my grandmother has died. She has been on a ventilator for four weeks and my anxiety is near breaking point,” said Larry on CNN.

He added that by the time the 96 year-old grandmother was getting vaccinated, she was already infected with the virus.

“By the time my grandmother got vaccinated by local officials it was already too late as she had been infected by Covid-19,” said Madowo.