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Be careful about what you consume on social media -  Akothee. 

Esther Akoth popularly known as Akothee has ignited debate among Kenyans after a viral post about the 'fake life' on social media. 

In the post dubbed," Be careful about what you consume on social media, Akothe warned Kenyans that social media can lead to depression.

The popular musician urged Kenyans to go for a run on social media but go back home for reality. 

Here is the post by Akothee shared on Tuesday, January 11; 

When I first joined social media back in 2014, I believed everything I saw celebrities posting, I believed everything played was so real, and since I was sincere to myself, I fell into the trap, I ended up buying fleets of cars I dint need at all.

Drivers smiled all the way to their pockets since I could not keep tabs with each and everything. Nilikuwa nasikia tu kaburator is on top of alternator, engine knock, sijui glass cylinder imechoma gasket ,sijui fan belt imefunga tire. 

I almost grew white hair in my 30s

My total maintenance cost for my cars alone was 2.5 million a month at Toyota Kenya, If I made the mistake of going to a local garage,I would pull my car out of this place with police men squized me to death. 


Fans would push me to not to repeat a clothes twice ,carry a handbag twice ,or repeat shoes twice , it doesn't matter how expensive it was, They don't want to see it ., I remember I used to go shopping in South Africa and come back with 6 suitcases. 

Just to make sure I please my fans so they don't get disappointed when I repeat clothes, trust me, up until now some of the clothes still have tags, I have grown fat and can't fit, so naive and stupid, I fell on this trap again, I woke up in 2017 when I realised the fakeness on social media, I remember throwing a house warming party that costed a fortune, back in 2015 hii pesa heri ningenunulua shamba ningehesabu, I ended up entertaining fake people and even people I never knew. 

Sometimes I look at the video and even wonder who were this faces in my home again apart from the guests I personally invited trust me, Half of the crowd was new to me. 

Again I thought everyone loved me and was happy for me. Well, it was the school or learning.

In 2018, I got tired of pleasing fans with my wardrobe, I started putting on my madamboss uniform for house girls, & deras immediately they forgot, they left me in peace and nowadays they don't even know when I have new clothes, imagine they don't know that I have only 6 pairs of bikinis .

When I became the brand ambassador for ummoja rubber and was rocking ngoma ya 200 shillings, baaas , we have never fought about my shoes, we are all rocking rubbers ya so mbili, tunatoshana kes closed. 

I don't do wigs ,maswali zingeniua ,badilisha badilisha mama. Eeeh weeeeeee. Nikanyoa nywele flat.

Social media can drive you into depression without you realising. Detach and own your life, people are suffering to put food on the table, and you are suffering to please the same people. Run your race mama, if cameras could be placed in each and every home. And asked to choose which unedited home you wanted. 

Go to social media for run. Go home for reality, live your life, imagine they don't care.