Renowned blogger and self-proclaimed spokeman of Hustler Nation Dennis Itumbi has accused ODM leader Raila Odinga of causing more trouble in Kenya as compared to what President Donald Trump has done in the United States.

Reacting to a tweet by ODM Director of Communication Philip Etale, terming President Trump as world’s ‘bigger despot’, Itumbi claimed that Raila is worse.

Itumbi cited the protests in Nairobi after the 2017 presidential election, stating that Raila brought Nairobi to a standstill with weekly protests.

“The Democrats now have the full control of both Houses. Trump feeling the heat. He is the bigger despot the world has ever had,” Etale tweeted.

Responding to the tweet, Itumbi posted “Like Jubilee did. Controlled both Parliament and Senate. Can you imagine @RailaOdinga as President and losing an election. If as runners-up he literally brought a Capital to its Knees? Swore himself in - @realDonaldTrump has not acted out 20% of your Master deeds.....”

In the US, fans of President Trump on Wednesday stormed the Congress to stop the validation of President-elect Joe Biden.