Water supply to the entire Nairobi CBD has been cut off due to pipe damage by contractors of the Nairobi Express Way.

In a statement on Wednesday, Nairobi water said the line supplying water to the CBD has been shut to pave way for repairs.

"Bear with us as we work to restore supply in the shortest time,” Nairobi water’s statement read in part.

The agency, however, failed to indicate when Nairobians in the CBD can get access to water.

The announcement is a major setback since the CBD hosts thousands of Nairobians who rely on the water for their day-to-day operations.

Nairobians are hoping that the issue will be dealt with soonest possible so as to cushion them from over-exploitation by water vendors.

In the city, water vendors make good cash as they inflate the price of water due to high demand especially when they are technical issue harboring water supply by Nairobi water.