Embakassi East MP Babu Owino defended Jubilee Vice-Chair David Murathe over his alleged involvement in the Kemsa PPE Procurement scandal.

On Thursday Murathe appeared before a parliamentary committee after he vowed to clear his name over the Kemsa scam.

Babu noted that Murathe did not supply PPEs to Kemsa since he did not apply for a tender.

"The reason I am defending Murathe is that Murathe was never given a tender worth KSh4 billion and they never supplied, so there was no KSh4 billion involved... We fight those who stole money," MP Babu Owino said. "We know you want to finish Murathe. This is not a laughing matter if you're ever honoured to sit where I am."

"I am in Public investment committee charged with the responsibility of investigating KEMSA Scandal $ I can assure Kenyans that a report will come out soon and you will know who stole your money.KILIG Ltd linked to Murathe never supplied to KEMSA $ were never paid. That’s the truth," he wrote on Twitter.

On his part, Murathe told the Parliamentary Committee that the company in the midst of the Kemsa scandal was associated with allies of Deputy President William Ruto.

" I have never supplied even a mask or anything to do with KEMSA. My relatives think I am a COVID millionaire, everybody with a small problem is calling me to give them money. I have been put in trouble," the Jubilee Party Vice-Chair stated.

Last week Murathe vowed to expose the real cartel behind the Kenya Medical Supplies Agency (Kemsa) PPE scandal.

In an interview with a local daily, Murathe said he will appear before a parliamentary committee next week on Thursday where he will shed light on his association with Kilig Ltd, a firm under investigation in the Sh7.8 billion Kemsa scam.