President Uhuru Kenyatta on Wednesday visited Fort Jesus where he inspected the construction of a sea wall around the centuries-old fort.

Accompanied by Cabinet Secretary for Sports and Culture Amina Mohammed, President Uhuru inspected the 270-metre wall that is meant to secure the World Heritage Site.

The wall is part of the government's plans to modernise Fort Jesus.

President Kenyatta at Fort Jesus on Wednesday night/ State House Twitter

"The Government is redeveloping the Fort Jesus seafront into a modern recreational park complete with a football pitch and amphitheatre on land that was reclaimed from the Indian Ocean," State House stated on social media.

Constructed between 1593 and 1596, Fort Jesus has survived the test of time and has been captured and recaptured more than ten times by the powers that were at the Kenyan coast.

The fort has outlasted the reigns of the Portuguese, the Arabs, and eventually the colonisers, Britain.

It was however facing a tragic end to its 400+ years existence on the Kenyan coast as the waves slowly eroded the cliff upon which it was built.

The sea wall constructed by the government will protect the cliff from erosion caused by sea waves and storm surges.

President Uhuru Kenyatta was on the second leg of his coastal tour which started with a visit to a multi-agency security team in Boni forest.

Here are photos from the Wednesday evening event.