The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) has warned Kenyans against making false allegations when it comes to issues of rape.

According to the DCI, rape is a serious offence that bears huge penalties including life imprisonment; therefore it is not a matter to joke with.

While acknowledging the sensitivity of the matter, the DCI urged victims of rape to report such occurrences soonest possible for immediate action.

“This is to advise members of the public that rape is a very serious offense under the sexual offenses act and as such it attracts a heavy penalty of up-to life in prison. While the DCI encourages victims of any form of sexual abuse to make their reports for our immediate action, we equally caution the public against making false allegations against any individual, just to get back at them,” DCI said.

A police van on patrol. [Photo: Courtesy]

The DCI issued the warning after a woman in Londiani identified ad Mercy made false rape allegations against a local administrator as a way of getting back at him, after her husband discovered that the two had an affair.

 “Mercy and the Chief had indeed been in a relationship and for a period of time, they had been exchanging missives laced with sweet nothings… It is these secret messages and others dating as far much back as August, that Mercy’s husband stumbled upon, and discovered that his wife had been secretly having steamy encounters with the chief.

“In order to get back at the chief, Mercy was compelled to file a trumped-up report against him, in a case that has attracted a lot of interest in Cheptagulgei village. However, after detectives conducted their detailed analysis and investigations including a visit to the alleged scene of the incident, they discovered that Mercy’s claims were inconsistent and not supported by facts at the scene,” DCI’s statement read in part.