It has emerged that a section of Kenyan church leaders has been holding prayers for U.S. President Donald Trump's win.

The head of Deliverance Church in Kenya, Bishop Mark Kariuki, has revealed that some evangelicals in Kenya have been holding prayers for Trump's reelection win against former vice president Joe Biden. 

According to Kariuki, a win for Trump is about morals that align with the church.  

In an interview, Kariuki acknowledged that he has not been following the election keenly, but the church's goal was to see morals prevail.  

He noted that Trump's morals are contrary to former President Barrack Obama.  

"Deliverance Church is part of the evangelical churches, so we think about values. When former U.S. President Barack Obama came to Kenya, we told him not to bring 'Democrat agenda' in Kenya of advocating abortion and gay relationships," said Kariuki.  

He added that Trump's background against same-sex marriage was their sole purpose of supporting him.  

"It is against this background we are praying that the right person wins the U.S. presidency. However, ultimately the American people will decide who should be their next President," said Bishop Kariuki. 

He, however, dismissed rumors that the church has been holding vigils countrywide for a Trump win. 

"We did not have countrywide vigil prayers in Deliverance churches, but I know individuals who were praying seriously for the elections in the U.S.," he said. 

He further said that as the church leader, he did not push for church leaders to support Trump or Joe Biden. 

By press time, Trump started a possible defeat with Joe Biden, leading with 253 electoral votes against 214.  

The former vice-president is likely to clinch the seat, considering he has taken a commanding lead in Pennsylvania a crucial state with 20 electoral votes at stakes. A candidate needs 270 votes to clinch the White House