Former Gatanga MP Peter Kenneth has endorsed ODM leader Raila Odinga for the 2022 presidential elections. 

In a recent interview, Kenneth stated that Raila was the right person to move Kenya forward after President Uhuru Kenyatta retires in 2022.

Notably, both Kenneth and Raila are supporting the BBI report. 

In his opinion, Kenneth believes that Raila has been at the center of the country's struggle for democracy, positioning him as the best person to take the country forward. 

He expressed his willingness to team up with him, saying Raila has the right energy levels.

"I think Raila has what it takes should he offer himself for the presidency. He has been involved in all the battles to make Kenya better, but I cannot speak for him. I do not know what the handshake between him and the President entailed when it comes to 2022. Both of them have publicly said it's not the time for politicking," said Kenneth. 

He added that if Raila announces his candidature, he will back him. 

"Therefore, until it's quite clear he will be a candidate, it would not be right for us to discuss that candidature," he added. 

The former lawmaker said it's too early to plan for the next election in the middle of a pandemic and with BBI proposals likely alter the Executive architecture.

"I have worked with him [Raila] before in many instances. So why can't I work with him again," Kenneth asked?

The two leaders worked together during the Grand Coalition government.

Recently, Kenneth was part of a delegation involving Kikuyu elders to visit Raila's Bondo home. 

 Kenneth has, however, not declared his political intentions ahead of the 2022 polls.