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Cotu Secretary General Francis Atwoli announced his death in a statement.   

Long-serving Central Organisation for Trade Unions (COTU) Chairman Rajabu Mwondi is dead. 

He died while undergoing treatment at a hospital.  

Cotu Secretary General Francis Atwoli announced his death in a statement via Twitter. 

Until his death, Mwondi served Cotu for two decades.  

"His legacy will forever remain a beacon of inspiration and dedication to the cause of workers' rights and welfare," Atwoli said in a statement.

"During his tenure, our Chairman General displayed an unwavering commitment to the advancement of the labour movement, advocating tirelessly for fair wages, safe working conditions, and the overall well-being of our members. His leadership transcended the boundaries of time, leaving an indelible mark on COTU (K) history," part of the statement read. 

Cotu Secretary General Francis Atwoli.

The Cotu SG said his death will no doubt leave a void in the leadership of the union but asked members to live to celebrate his rich legacy.

"His wisdom, compassion, and tireless efforts have transformed the lives of countless workers, elevating our organization to new heights. We will forever remember his tenacity in the face of challenges, his humility in the face of success, and his ability to unite us all under a common purpose," Atwoli added.

"In this time of grief, let us stand united as a family, offering our deepest condolences to his loved ones. May they find strength in the knowledge that his contributions have touched so many lives and will continue to inspire generations to come."