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  • The former CJ now calls for change in the country. 

Retired Chief Just Willy Mutunga has revealed the impact of upholding the 2013 general election on his life. 

Through a series of tweets on Sunday, Mutunga stated that he still receives attacks from the CORD supporters after dismissing the petition filed by then-candidate Raila Odinga. 

Ironically, Mutuga added that after nullifying the 2017 presidential results, immediate former CJ David Maraga still receives attacks from the Jubilee supporters. 

He notes that the first two Chief Justice under the new constitution are bearing the brunt of political divisions in the country. 

"The outcomes of the Presidential Election Petition in 2013 and 2017 still attract virulent attacks against I and CJ Maraga from those of us who drink from the well of politics of division. In 2013 the Jubilee following praised me while the CORD following did the opposite," said Mutunga. 

"In 2017, NASA sang the praises of the SC while Jubilee's hatred of the decision knew no bounds. Again the following of both coalitions applauded the positions of their respective leadership. I believe this would happen even if King Solomon was the SC in 2013 and 2017," he added. 

Mutunga further took a swipe at both Jubilee and NASA supports after their leaders, through President Uhuru and Raila Odinga, united under the BBI. 

He notes that Kenya should use the Covid-19 pandemic and enact change instead of following their leaders, who seem to be drinking from the same cup.

"Now that Jubilee and NASA are in a dictatorship, how is their respective following doing? COVID-19 has shown the stupidity of drinking from the wells of politics of division. Saa ya Mageuzi Na Mapinduzi imefika,” he added. 

In 2013, Mutunga upheld the election of President Uhuru, citing there was a need to keep the country united. 

During the last general election, CJ David Maraga nullified Uhuru's election because the IEBC did not follow the law.

Following the nullification, Uhuru warned that his government shall revisit the decision.