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  • He went on to state that he is self-made and a globally recognized scholar as well.

Economist and ex-NASA strategist David Ndii has said that he is not equals with former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, because he is a dynasty and lives off his father’s name.

He went on to state that he is self-made and a globally recognized scholar as well.

Ndii said that all his parents did was to send him to school and he did the rest for himself, adding that he also stopped reggae.

Raila and I cannot be equals. He is a dynasty brat living off his father’s tribal personality cult. I am a self-made, globally recognized scholar, public intellectual. My parents sent me to school and I did the rest. I also stopped reggae,” said Ndii.

His words were in response to a tweet by user Isaac K, who said that Odinga is not his equal for him to engage with and that Ndii can only work under his direction.

Baba is not your equal for you to engage together in an activity. You only work under his instructions. Dont be disillusioned like the NASA principals imagining they can be equated to baba,” said the user.

Ndii had initially tweeted saying that he fully endorses the former Prime Minister’s anti-corruption push, asking him to jail the corrupt without any fear or favour.

He reminisced that they used pursue the same together in NASA but he went mute after the handshake with President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Ndii called on Odinga to publicly announce he would open a public inquiry on the same.

I fully endorse Raila’s anti-corruption platform. Let him jail all the corrupt without fear or favour. We were pursuing #EurobondHeistKe together, then he went mute after #HandCheque I challenge him to come out and say he will open a public inquiry,” wrote Ndii.