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Former Water Cabinet Secretary (CS) Sicily Kariuki Has stepped down in the Nyandarua Gubernatorial race. 

Former Water Cabinet Secretary (CS) Sicily Kariuki has stepped down in the Nyandarua County Gubernatorial race. 

Addressing the press at Jubilee headquarters on Thursday, April 28, Sicily stated that the decision was for the unity of the people of Nyandarua. 

"After reflection, I have suspended my candidature to vie as the Governor of Nyandarua County. I will continue to support the Jubilee party and Azimio coalition and the candidates vying at the County, regional and national level," CS Kariuki stated. 

She noted that she would support Azimio presidential candidate Raila Odinga in the August polls to ensure success. 

Sicily will now back the incumbent Francis Kimemia who will defend his seat on a Jubilee party ticket. 

{Former Water Cabinet Secretary (CS) Sicily Kariuki}

The former Water Cabinet Cabinet Secretary resigned in February 2022 to contest for the Nyandarua gubernatorial seat.

“This is a position of planning, consulting, and of asking the what-if questions. When my campaigns kick off, you will know more. 

“I'm humbled by the achievements attained in my ministry so far. I am going to take my leadership experience which spans over 30 years to Nyandarua,” Kariuki said when she resigned.