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"Martha Karua added no value. She added nothing in that basket and she is complaining and claiming ownership  but she has nothing."

Murang’a woman representative Betty Maina now wants Narc Kenya leader Martha Karua to apologize to Raila Odinga for not bringing substantive votes to his basket. 

Maina, who addressed the media over the weekend in Murang’a, said Karua should assemble a group of women so that together they can go and visit Raila to seek forgiveness.

"I have alot of respect for Martha Karua but the only thing I would urge her. Kama kuna kazi amebakisha kufanya ni kutafuta wamama, marafiki wenzake, wamama ambao walikua wameungana pamoja waende kwa baba Raila Odinga akamwombe msamaha sababu hakumtaftia Kura, " she said. 

According to her, the votes Raila pocketed from the vote rich Mt Kenya region was because of his efforts and not Karua's.

File image of Murang’a Woman Rep Betty Maina With Raila Odinga. PHOTO | COURTESY

She added, "Martha Karua added no value. She added nothing in that basket and she is complaining and claiming ownership but she has nothing. The only business Martha Karua is remaining with is to seek forgiveness from baba." 

In the just concluded election, Raila got over 800,000 votes from the Mt Kenya region even though they were not enough to propel him to the presidency. 

Ruto however pocketed a majority of votes from the region, a development that saw him declared the winner of the election with a margin of over 200,000 votes.

Ruto will be sworn into office on Tuesday as the fifth President of the Republic of Kenya.

The Murang’a woman Rep is one of the MPs who were elected into office on a UDA ticket.

The budding politician managed to clinch the seat taking over from Sabina Chege who opted not to defend the seat.

Sabina has been nominated as Jubilee MP at the National Assembly.