Editor's Review

The atheists said they could not put up with the noise they claimed comes from places of worship.

The Atheists in Kenya have implored Nairobi governor Johnson Sakaja to act on places of worship they argue have been sources of noise pollution.

The county government on Friday, November 25, sanctioned the removal of bars and entertainment joints from residential areas.

The county cited complaints from residents who decried noise emanating from the establishments.

"Due to the numerous complaints from the public on noise emanating from bars, restaurants, night clubs, and liquor selling premises, the county government has decided; no night clubs licenses will be issued or renewed for premises operating within residential areas," partly read the governor's directive.

The atheists now want the same to be applied to places of worship.

Atheists in Kenya Society chairman Harrison Mumia. Photo: Twitter.

"We demand that the Nairobi county government include places of worship in its notice. We suspect that Sakaja is privileging religious institutions on this issue," the society said.