Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa is evidently not a pushover politician. 

She is also not shy when it comes to fighting for her seat at the table even if it means having to get physical. 

She has been branded the modern-day Mekatilili wa Menza for her approach.

Mekatilili was a Giriama freedom fighter who led her people against British colonial rule.

Having been a widow in the pre-colonial Kenya, Mekatilili was an unlikely choice for freedom fighter.

Equally, Jumwa was an unlikely choice.

In 2007, she unsuccessfully vied for the Bahari Constituency Parliamentary seat.

In 2013 she vied for a second time and became Kilifi Woman Representative. 

Through persistence, she was elected Malindi MP in 2017 on an ODM ticket.

Like the firebrand she is, Jumwa decided to join and lead the Tanga Tanga movement at the Coast.A region known to be an ODM stronghold.

She will often be heard addressing her constituents in their vernacular. Calling them to arms against oppression by the government of the day.

This begs the question, is Aisha Jumwa today’s Mekatilili?

Here is the video: