The macabre killings of Frank Obegi, a popular Kenyan Twitter influencer and blogger, and his friends have shocked the nation.

Obegi and his friends Moses Nyachae, Fred Obare, and Elijah Omeka were found dead in Kijabe and Kiserian.

After identifying the body of his son Obegi at City Mortuary in Nairobi, Evans Bowendo, the father, painfully narrated his side of the story.

Bowendo revealed that his son indeed possessed lots of money even as he divulged that he was a student of the Multimedia University.

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{From left: Elijah Omeka, Moses Nyachae, Fred Obare and Frank Obegi who mysteriously disappeared before their bodies were later found. IMAGE: COURTESY}

He said the son informed him that he was selling air tickets online.

Occasionally, Bowendo said, the son would visit Mombasa for merry-making and when he asked the source of his money, he would explain he earned it from air ticket sells.

"He told me he was selling air tickets online, that is what he told me when he came from home. How he later came to be murdered still puzzels me as a parent, I'm in pain," Bowendo said.

The father, who learned of Obegi's death through his friend, said anytime his son had money, he would switch off his phone even for a week.

He could only see him updating pictures on his WhatsApp status travelling by air and having fun with ladies in Mombasa

The bodies of Obegi, Nyachae, and Omeka were found in the Kijabe forest. Obare was found in Magadi, Kiserian.

Preliminary investigations signal that the four could have been involved in an online fraud of sorts which is suspected to have led to their macabre killings.

Police have revealed Obare was once arrested last year after he conned a man of his money in cryptocurrency deals.

He was taken to Kasarani Police Station during which DCI detectives from Ruiru Police Station took over the matter

"The victims were friends and were allegedly involved in online fraud. They call it cryptocurrency. One of them was arrested sometime back after a complainant reported the case. They agreed and the matter was sorted out," Kasarani Police Commander Peter Mwanzo.